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Regular or Guest

I've read that Emmanuelle Vaugier might be a regular on the show. Have you heard more about this?

I would love to see her more on CSI NY, to see her relationship with Don develop in to something great and also to see her character develop more.


"Dead Inside" Discussion

Discussion about this weeks episode!!!



Guess Who

Title: Guess Who
Summary: Danny plays Guess Who Flack is Dating
Pairing: Danny and Flack (friendship), Flack and Angell
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: FRT

Speculation Ideas

Anyone have any theories on how TPTB are going to take Flack and Angell's relationship? 

I personally love watching them flirt together. It's a nice refresher from all the chaos that ensues around New York. If they take it to another level like dating, I don't think I'd mind but I would be praying they didn't screw it up like they did with the Danny and Lindsey thing going on right now.

6x Flack/Angell Icons

here at hopes_onfire

Where was Angell last week?

It could be a little early for me to worry about this, since she could always have  just missed one episode. But I really hope that Angell is back in next week's episode. I love her relationship with Flack! It'd be sad to end it so abruptly.


Okay because of my last post, I came up with an idea. We list reasons why we think Flack and Angell fit so well together. I'll update the list every week or so. So just comment and leave your reason. There's not a  particular order, we'll just add as we go.


Question: Why?

 Why do you think Flack and Angell are good together?




Fanfiction: Restless

Title: Restless
Summary:  I never get ‘gaga’ over a man. Never in my life. Angell can't sleep so instead of counting sheep, she starts thinking about a certain Detective. 
Pairing: Flack and Angell
Genre: Love/Humor
Rating: FRT


Angell's First name

One of the biggest debates and unsolve mysteries of CSI: NY is:

What is Detective Angell's first name?